Saturday 2 June 2012

Summer weather scorches the Country

Well, is this the business !! Summer temp. 24c. Blue Skies and warm seas. Remember as Lifeguards to remain alert to potential accidents, even when off duty. It is part of Lifeguard training to be pro-active. Adopt the LIFEGUARDS IRELAND motto -

" In seas or pool know the rule - take care and be aware "

Monday 28 May 2012

8th.Edition NPLQ (Update Port Laoise)

For those  that attended the update - was that not a surprise!! I was greatly impressed with the presentations, the new material and both Alex and Tara with their vast knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.  I personally learned a lot and it reinforces my understanding of the new aims and progressive plans now in place for the NPLQ.

There can be little doubt that IQL have set new professional standards for us the TAs, and all involved in the leisure industry. We have been given a template now to adopt and to adhere to these standards.  It is equally clear that the onus is now on us to implement the programme and deviating from the official standard will not be allowed within this new programme. The support is in place and  equally good - so it's up to us now.

I look forward to the same standards  being applied to the National Beach Lifeguard Qualification. It is my belief and long held hope that the NBLQ and ancillary linked programmes, such as the Surf Coach Lifesaving Award should be brought under the wing of IQL.

The beach programme which for so long has been the Cinderella of RLSS, deserves the expertise and enthusiasm of Tara Dillon and the rest of the team at IQL. She has my full support - please make your voice heard and express your support too!

Saturday 10 March 2012

Forced Emigration of our Young People

More and more this Blog becomes increasingly angry with the political powers and establishment in Ireland.  I am dismayed and saddened by the departure yesterday of fifteen young people to Australia from our immediate area. Fine young people with all the hopes and optimism of their youth, leaving distraught parents and family.  Our country is been decimated of our youth and talent. What is to be left? Old people and children and those that cannot go. It is like the 1840's and 50's where our best people with initiative and brains are lost to our Country.
Sadly our government seems to be a carbon copy of the previous administration - same arrogance and inability and ineptitude.  There is no accountability and we are set to fail another generation. Why are we so complacent?  I say enough is enough!! I make no apologises, this Blog declares its hand - I vote Sinn Fein and want to help develop a just and equal society for all our citizens. So may'be you can expect more political and social comment on this page from now!

Beach Lifeguard County Council Tests 2012

Some of you have expressed an interest in doing a pre-test preparation course for the County Council tests. If sufficient numbers are interested we can organise a course. Contact us

Aquatic First Aid

The programme has got off to a good beginning with six courses now completed to this date.  We are still tweaking the course content and participants holding a valid and current CFR  before entering the course are at a serious advantage.
With this in mind it has been decided that holding a valid CFR is to be a pre-requisite for the AFA. It can only lead to even better and qualified lifeguards.  Check with us for details of next CFR and AFA courses.  Both courses are held at the Donegal Adventure Centre in Bundoran so you  can also contact Trish

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Lifeguards protecting our Environment

Is there a career for our beach Lifeguards as environmentalists ? Well, after all you enjoy the best in Ireland that nature can provide in the course of your work on the beach. Should you be the un-official caretaker and do what is necessary to maintain that special environment.

In your remote Lifeguard Station on our beautiful coast have you heard the Cuckoo this year? Did you observe the Sky Larks ? Do you make an effort to protest their nesting sites? Have you spotted an otter along the river banks?  I know one Lifeguard who has great pleasure in observing a Kingfisher on the estuary where he works. Do you know the different ladybird insects and how they vary from east to west coast?

All reports please would be welcome.

International Equivalency of your Award or Qualification

Many of you have contacted Lifeguards Ireland to determine the equivalency of awards and qualifications. This is especially true of those now having to emigrate to make a living abroad.  Or those wishing to travel to Ireland with the own national award or qualification.We have published the ILS table of equivalency on the 'Latest News' page and we hope it will be of help to you. However, please remember that in most countries you are still required to meet the national standard or at the minimum meet a local skills and fitness standard. So take nothing for granted and it is wise to remember that in many countries the competition is really tough!!


I am delighted to be able to inform you that we have now finalised the one day 'AQUATIC FIRST AID' course.  It is a simple add-on for Lifeguards to your NBLQ and is certified by EMERGENCY CARE.
Check out the First Aid page or contact us to arrange a course.

Tombstoning or Pier Jumping Dangers

I have been reading about 'cliff jumping' or 'Tombstoning' and it must be said that it generates a degree of concern. The numbers of deaths throughout the world are staggering to say the least. While aware of the potential dangers I was not prepared for the statistics of death and serious injury. It seems that it is not only the height of the jump but importantly the entry into the water, and also water depth. I checked stats in the UK and there has been 10 deaths and numerous 'life changing injuries' in the last four years and that does not include inland waters like rivers and lakes. I can't find stats for Ireland, anyone help?

So its not just about drowning but rather broken necks and shattered spines. Any jump from a height is traumatic to the body. As height increases, the risk for serious injury goes up substantially. At 3m (10’), your body is travelling at approximately 27km/h (17mph) when you hit the water. At 6m (20’), you’re going about 40km/h (25mph).

Even if you decide that the water is deep enough and you go in feet first, your speed is great enough to cause spinal compression, bone fractures, concussion, or a collapsed lung. All your internal organs are impacted and may move or 'displace' in your body! An awkward entry - landing even slightly off-center - can have a lethal and final result.

It raises questions for Lifeguards where the activity of 'Pier Jumping' exists in their zones. I know of areas and people that promote this activity, probably not realising the potential dangers.

What of the view that kids jumping off the local pier is ok and have we not always done it?
It has to be considered that kids jumping just a few feet into water wearing life jackets are also at risk. Often these kids are poor swimmers and doggie paddle back to their exit point. They may not clear the entry point before the next jumper with the added risk of collision and spinal injuries. There is also a risk of injury from loose fitting life jackets or worse slipping out! What if the water is on unknown depth and the possibility of hitting the bottom and resulting impact fractures of legs and spine. So who takes the responsibility? And what of the Duty to Care?

Have a look at the link to the RNLI and see their views.

Not not wishing to spoil anyone's fun but let's discuss it. Your views please.


Last Chance for the Beach Lifeguard Courses

So all you guys that have been emailing Lifeguards Ireland ............... this is it !! Courses for the National Beach Lifeguard Qualification  are winding down. If you are waiting for the snow, well ok, there are courses in Feb. However, if not then check out our 'Courses' page right now.

Friday 15 April 2011

Safety Awareness for Beginner Surfers

Just wanted to let you know about an incident I had in Strandhill on Saturday last. While walking back along the walkway from a surf lesson I spotted a bodyboarder stuck in a rip going no where. I shouted encouragement and direction to him and he managed to scramble ashore onto the rock armour at high tide. There were two surfers with him now stuck and getting tired. As I prepared to go out to them with a surfboard a big set washed them closer to shore. One managed to get to the rocks and we pulled him onto the armour. The other guy was very tired and as I kept shouting encouragement and direction to him he got close enough for me to wade and grab him. As I got him a big wave hit us and literally flushed us up onto the rock armour and then dragged us back into the sea.totally out of control. This happened a second time before I could grab the surfer and drag him up.It was the first time in my life that I felt the raw power of surf washing onto the rocks and was totally out of control. Pretty scary and Now have a very sore back and arms. Thankfully all ended well. I wish beginner surfers would respect the sea and only surf within their ability level... T.H.

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Storm Weather and Beach Lifeguard Courses

Well, we survived the storm in Donegal. The wind reached to 100mph gusts on the western seaboard. Much structural damage, fallen trees and local flooding. Sadly, one death resulted from the severe gales in Derry. With the new moon and all the heavy rainfall all we were afraid of was the wind direction!! However it remained south-west backing off west. It is the northern gales that would cause us the biggest problems!
Now it is back to planning the next beach lifeguard course.

All Surf Coaches get booking - this is your opportunity to acquire your NBLQ. Don't leave it until the middle of the season.